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Worth waiting 27 years for.

BK1 Construction

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Experimenter Magazine-April 2014

BK1 LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) - Tricycle or Taildragger, great flying qualities make the BK1 comfortable to taxi, takeoff, and land. New Great Plains Flywheel Hub engine with electric start and dual ignition options http://www.greatplainsas.com/. Plans come with full time email and phone support. 
.Mission Statement:
* Reach many who, cannot afford a $50K-100K+ kit  plane.
* Large pilot: 6' 4"-250lb, 30 lb. baggage, 130 mph cruise, 400 mile range.  
* Make it possible for more to live their dream of owning their own plane.
BK1 Plans Available!
320+ CAD Drawn Pages and Full Size Templates
15,000+ Step by Step Photo Build Sequences